• February 28, 2019
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Why do people suffer from low self-esteem even if they have a good job, a partner, kids…?

Self-esteem is something that we build day by day within us from an early age.  If during your childhood your parents didn’t support you, didn’t let you explore the environment around you, have your own experiences and feel good about your decisions, then the possibility to develop insecurity and a low consideration of yourself is definitely HIGH.

Having low self-esteem means more than just feeling bad about yourself.
Yes, because poor self-esteem can strongly interfere with your life: you could have troubles at work when talking to people or presenting your projects in front of an audience as well as finding new friends etc.
But if we constantly neglect this situation, not only the image we have of ourselves gets worse but so do our thoughts, our attitudes and consequently the way we relate to others.

Nowadays there are many ways that you can try to overcome low self-esteem, such as meditating, going to a specialist, attending some courses and more. Most of the above are certainly effective, but it takes time to see a slight difference in yourself as the big change needs to take place INSIDE you, in your DEEPEST SELF also known as your SUBCONSCIOUS. And to work in that “specific area” of you, to REALLY make lasting changes, you need to use and practice specific techniques.

But where can you learn these techniques that “heal” your old wounds in your deepest self? Which is the RIGHT approach that can QUICKLY improve the image you have for yourself and therefore your SELF-ESTEEM?

Have you ever heard about HYPNOTHERAPY?

Hypnotherapy is an effective, safe and fast approach compared to the more “traditional” ones because:

  1. it acts directly on your subconscious (where all memories, traumas, information have been stored since you were born);
  2. it heals old and painful “scars”;
  3. it lets go of and transforms your childhood traumas, your past and mental limitations;
  4. it gives you really powerful tools that you can use and adjust in different situations.

How is this possible?

You will do some powerful and deep one-to-one sessions with me, Carlotta Bernardo.  I am a psychologist and fully qualified hypnotherapist.
During my sessions I help you overcome your difficulties by using the power of your mind and your imagination: I guide you to relax by listening to the sound of my voice and reach some deep states of relaxation while I constantly collaborate with you (you are prompted to respond to stimuli) to make lasting changes happen.

I also help you to rediscover day-by-day your inner strength and unique “light” that most of the time can be “squashed” by our busy lives, and to cope positively and serenely with every situation.

Does it sound interesting? Why don’t you send me an email to book your initial consultation which includes an introductory guided relaxation as well?

We’ll be able to get to know each other, discuss your situation, set your goals and I will explain my method more in detail as well and the results you can easily achieve 🙂


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