• July 19, 2019
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Hypnosis is a state of extreme suggestibility, relaxation and IMAGINATION.

During my one to one sessions we train your mind to think and visualise yourself positively. To do that I help you to reach a good state of relaxation, following the sound of my voice, in order to make lasting changes within yourself.

But why is it important to reach a good state of relaxation?

Because when  your body and mind are relaxed  (state of half-sleep), your “rational” mind has a nice “rest”, is switched off. The rational mind is that part of your mind that you use every single day to  think, resolve problems, judge etc.

Consequently your higher mind, also known as subconscious mind (where all info, emotions, memories, habits etc. are stored) becomes “active”. And we are going to work together during your hypnotherapy sessions right on this part of your mind.  Emotions, thoughts, behaviours, reactions…you manage to transform all of them in a faster way!


By the power of VISUALISATIONS!

Yes because your mind doesn’t recognise what is real or not: if we imagine something in our mind (like a tasty pizza for example), our bodies respond by sending different signals in ourselves. As a result we increase our salivation.

This means that what you imagine in your mind is as effective as if that happened in reality!

The problem is that the majority of time we use our imagination and thoughts in the wrong way… we anticipate a possible negative event, we tend to imagine the worst in everything.

Therefore what we do during hypnosis is to TRAIN YOUR MIND to VISUALISE yourself in a more positive way…to THINK positively. Automatically you will start behaving and reacting differently.

INTERESTING RIGHT? :) If you are curious and want to try a one to one session, working actively on a specific aspect, contact me here.

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