“Carlotta is a very nice therapist to work with 🙂 She immediately made me feel at ease. Within a few sessions only, she helped me overcoming an obstacle I was struggling with for months.

Camille Oswald
Inner power and Confidence

“Professionista di altissimo livello.”

Sabatino Candeloro
Anger Management and Inner Power

“I visited Carlotta to stop smoking, during our few sessions, she was very supportive, warm, and professional. I can definitely say that her techniques work, for too many years I tried different techniques, and definitely were my sessions with Carlotta which works. I can say after too many years as a smoker person that I’m a not smoker. In Addition, we run some sessions to increase self-motivation, which I highly recommend it! I believe she has a great approach and a very positive attitude.”

Andrea Cifuentes Quintanilla
Stop Smoking and Motivation

“Every session is a new experience with Carlotta. I’m really grateful for the advice, for the very useful tools and practices that I can use in every situations. We’ve done a great job together in the last months, I became a stronger and more confident person. She is a very professional lovely woman, I recommend her sessions to everyone. Thank you so much for everything Carlotta. ❤️

Szabina Kovács
Anxiety and Self Esteem

“Carlotta has helped me so much. The tools she gives you are so useful to use in everyday life. Thanks to her I finally feel better.”

Gabriella Abela
Weight Lost and Motivation

“Very, very easy to communicate with and also a great listener. Totally changed my life outlookGot rid of my depression, greatly helped my self-esteem and also got me off my backside and working (got rid of my apathy and also helped me in making a few tough decisions on my plannable and foreseeable future). Never been so clear-headed and sure in my thoughts as I am now. Started by going to visit the doctor(essa) and ended with a new friend. I consider it – not money well-spent – but a solid investment!!❤️

Norman Camilleri
Self Esteem and Depression

“Carlotta immediately made me feel at ease and helped me face a really difficult period by making me smile again. She is a really good therapist !!
Carlotta fin da subito mi ha fatto sentire a mio agio e mi ha aiutato ad affrontare un periodo veramente difficile facendomi ritornare il sorriso. È una terapista veramente in gamba!!”

Ramona Santonicola
Anxiety and self Confidence

“I contacted Carlotta for hypnobirthing, as I was digging into gentle birth techniques. In 4 sessions, she took me on a beautiful and relaxing adventure to embrace my pregnancy, build a strong bond with my baby in my belly, feel ready for giving birth, and let go of all the fears I had, among other things. I trusted her and she took me where I needed to go. It was very beneficial for me! I highly recommend her for her professionalism and knowledge in her field, she knows what she is doing and hypnotherapy does have a true positive impact.”

Charlotte Sekour Manac’h

“Thanks to Carlotta I managed to overcome a trauma of my past which was causing me anxiety and panic attacks. Thanks to her I am finally living the present with calm, happiness and determination. I discovered again the joy of living without any negative thought or mind block that limits me in some way.”

Valentina Mazzone
Anxiety and Panic Attacks

“Probably one of the best experiences ever, and Carlotta has been amazing in guiding me into this incredible journey!”

Daniele Spizzirri
Self Confidence and Self Esteem

“Amazing Results!! Couldn’t believe myself. 🔝🔝

Andrew Psaila
Phobia of flying

“Ho avuto un profondo cambiamento dal percorso di ipnosi fatto con Carlotta a Londra. Ho superato la mia paura di volareora mi sento una persona libera. L’ho trovata molto professionale e la raccomanderei sicuramente a chiunque abbia fobie, avendo provato queste tecniche personalmente”

Lorenzo Forti
Phobia of Flying

“I would like to thank Carlotta, as during our few sessions, she was very professional but at the same time friendly and supportive. I can definitely say that she was excellent in trying to understand my needs/issues, and developed personalised “approaches” based on my situation and personality. I can’t recommend her highly enough as I believe she has a great approach and a very positive attitude.”

Georgi Gyoshev
Stress and Worries

“Carlotta is a very kind hearted and warm woman who makes you feel at ease instantly. Hypnosis with her felt extremely relaxing and natural , and her strong intuition and compassion makes her a very skilled hypnotherapist. I highly recommend!”

Rebecca Lazarou
Inner Power

“I just want to say a big thank you to Dr Carlotta, firstly for teaching me how to control my stress, and mostly after 16 years of smoking, hypnotherapy really helped me, and I have quit smoking! I am forever grateful and cannot thank you enough 🙂”

Carla Frendo
Stop Smoking

“A professional and fully qualified Hypnotherapist coming from a great school in London. She has a deep “sensitivity” and “humanity”. I definitely recommend her! 🙂”

Alessandra Vicario
Inner Power

“I wanted to change my attitude towards family and clients since long time. I was already used to autogenic training since some years while free-diving, and the sensation is almost the same, just guided.
All I can say I can recognize the effects.
The nice thing is Carlotta doesn’t exploit people’s need nor creates needs for personal turnover.
Totally suggested for whom wants to better analize themselves and work on what triggers a problem.”

Daniele Baraggioli
Sexuality and Inner Power

“After long time I finally relaxed. Thank you Carlotta, for helping me to find some peace, for giving me tools that will help me to manage complicated situations remaining calm and tools that helped me with my sleeping issues.
One last thank you for improving my relationship with food, I know that this journey has just begun, but with my new tools it will be finally possible. Thanks.”

Pino Graziano
Stress, Sleep Issues and Weight Loss

“Carlotta is a good listener and gentle in her approach which always allows you to explore different aspects within yourself and open up to possibilities. Sessions were also very relaxing for body tension throughout.”

Annalise Falzon
Depression and Anxiety

“I would like to thank Carlotta, as during our few sessions, she was very professional but at the same time friendly and supportive. I can definitely say that she was excellent in trying to understand my needs/issues, and developed personalised “approaches” based on my situation and personality. I can’t recommend her highly enough as I believe she has a great approach and a very positive attitude.”

Georgi Gyoshev
Stress and Worries

“I went to see Carlotta for a specific issue and after few sessions I made amazing progress. I would recommend Carlotta to anyone who is facing with a situation they feel is insurmountable.”

Cristina Martorana
Grief and Past Traumas

“My sessions with Carlotta have really helped me in making long lasting changes in my life by understanding and correcting deeply embedded behaviours that stopped me from achieving my goals. From the first session I noticed a shift in mindset and the tools I have learnt have empowered me to keep on improving.”

Melissa Mela
Memory and Focus

I was a bit scepticl at the beginning if Hypnotherapy is the right thing for me. But I must say, it has helped me so much! I love Carlotta’s kind approach. Definitely recommend.

Eva Tománková
Grief , Anxiety and Panic Attacks

“An amazing experience which changed me! It has been a journey within myself and I thank Carlotta for her professionalism and for transforming my way to face life and its challenges.”

Cristina De Dominicis
Anxiety and Phobia of Water/Swimming

“Carlotta is lovely! She puts you at ease straight away so you can be yourself with her. The tools she gives you are extremely helpful and after a few sessions, it made a world of difference with me. I would recommend her over and over again!”

Daniela Calleja
Grief and Self Confidence

“I am happy with the path I am having with Carlotta. I never thought hypnotic therapy could be that effective. I have had many positive changes: with each session you have the possibility to get closer and closer to the real you! Carlotta puts you at ease, is a great listener, has a powerful energy and she is a loving person 🙂 !! I highly recommend it.”

Rosa Cerami
Anxiety and Inner Power

“Carlotta has guided me through overcoming my long-term feelings of low self-esteem and the results have been impressive. I have often undervalued my capabilities and thought that I could not make it. After only three sessions, I’ve come to realise that insecurity was simply all in my head. Carlotta helped me visualise myself being calm and successful in a number of different settings, through past regressions and future scenarios.I now react differently to situations that demand self-assurance, and don’t worry about small things. Thanks to Carlotta’s hypnosis, I can face everyday as a triumph.”

Sofia Cecchi
Self Confidence and Self Esteem

“Carlotta is an excellent hypnotherapist. Radiating positivity and kindness. Highly recommended!”

Kurt Spiteri
Self Confidence

“A volte avremmo solo bisogno di fare un bel respiro e lasciare andare ogni tipo di stress e preoccupazioni, ma non é sempre così facile e Carlotta é molto brava a guidare in questo tipo di percorso.”

Ilaria Polato
Anxiety and Confidence

“Carlotta is a wonderful person and she helps me a lot. Hypnotherapy is a indeed experience and you can change your mind set in a few sessions. I strongly recommend it.”

Valentina Esposito
Traumas and Inner Power

“Bravissima professionista con ottima capacità di risolvere problemi emozionali negativi provenienti dal passato.”

Carla Boni
Anger and Stress

“I have to thank Carlotta for the work done together last year. I worked on my self confidence and I feel much stronger and happy! I recommend her.”

Cristiana Otiso
Self Confidence

“I would like to thank Carlotta, as during our few sessions, she was very professional but at the same time friendly and supportive. I can definitely say that she was excellent in trying to understand my needs/issues, and developed personalised “approaches” based on my situation and personality. I can’t recommended her highly enough as I believe she has a great approach and a very positive attitude.”

Eolo Barilari
Stress and Anger

“Carlotta helped me in so many ways. She helped me to look at life in another way. In this world of everyday stress juggling between work and family, I found that her therapy helped me to find time for myself, relax and get rid of all the tension that has accumulated over the years. This therapy is really life changing. I always look forward to every session.”

Lilian Dingli
Stress and Worries

“I felt something missing or lost in my life, but all was inside me!!! It was clear for me that something had to change, that something I had to do to improve and fully enjoy my life! With Carlotta and Hypnotherapy I discovered the way to do it, the way to face my fears and to know my limits, but especially the way to exploit all the beautiful and good moments of my days and to try to live everything of my life to the fullest.

Marco La Rosa
Stress and Time Management

“Thank you Carlotta for giving me the tools to deal with my overeating problem! And for helping my husband relax and sleep better at night. I had a very stressed and tired hubby and you really made a miracle in just a few sessions. I thoroughly recommend Carlotta as she is incredibly talented and professional. She has followed our progresses very closely throughout the therapy, always being very friendly and welcoming. I hardly feel so at ease with someone I just met but she makes it all so easy that you start trusting her completely from the very beginning. Progress started coming almost instantly, I am now more aware of my power over my food addiction and can make decisions to that effect. Thank you so much again!”

Lucia Petrozzi
Stress and Weight Loss

“Hypnotherapy has the potential to change your life for the better, it really works. Carlotta is a very capable and professional person.”

Tonio Brincat
Inner Power and Sadness

“Hypnotherapy helped me through a difficult time. I suffer from blepharspasm and with the help of hypnotherapy I can now relax and control my eyes much better. It also helped me to relieve the stress and cope with my everyday life. I am really glad I chose Hypnotherapy.”

Lilian Dingli
Health improvement: Blepharspasm

“If you need to put something straight in your life or just change your way of thinking, take the chance to meet Carlotta and her hypnosis will help you out ease your thinking and find the right path.”

Elisa Grandi
Stress and Sexuality

“Breath in and unlock your true potential 🙂”

Angelique Muller
Inner Power and Confidence

“Very interesting approach. 🔝”

Riccardo Buffoli
Inner Power

“Carlotta is simply amazing 💕A very good listener with good explanations, advice and genuine support . She is very easy to talk to and uses the information to make personalised hypnotherapy sessions. It is very helpful as they are sent and can be listened to at home. I have benefitted greatly from our sessions and have recommended her to friends and family 🥰❤️”

Oksana Gauci
Self Confidence

“Carlotta oltre ad essere una vera professionista è soprattutto una grande donna, dai modi garbati e gentili..è piacevole ascoltare la sua voce che con dolcezza e determinazione arriva forte al punto della situazione.
Sono davvero felice di averla conosciuta. Qualunque sia il vostro problema o per quanto grande sia affidatevi a lei , io l’ho fatto e le sono davvero riconoscente.”

Cinzia Battaglia
Weight loss and Confidence

“I really enjoyed my time with Carlotta: I feel very comfortable and that i can trust her and that is something that I find it difficult but with her I am very comfortable. She is professional, insightful, and kind through the process.
I have recommended her to many of my friends.
Can’t wait for the next session since I made a huge improvement and I am so happy with life 💗

Janice Pace
Breaking Addiction

“I was very incredulous at this type of therapy , but from my first meeting with Carlotta it was immediately a feeling of lightness … in a very short time I found myself … i was lost , who knows where and when…then you realize that alone you can’t do it, that’s where you have to be reborn … with Carlotta’s professionalism and her ability to put you at ease , you can find a NEW YOU! Thank you so much!”

Sandra Lerario
Self Confidence and Inner Power

“I am very grateful to Carlotta for the work done together. Since my first session, I immediately noticed a change in myself, feeling more confident and calm! Now if I have to make presentations, and speak in front of everyone, I don’t feel nervous anymore but “I tighten my fist” and I repeat to myself “I CAN DO IT”! Still thank you.”

Ruth Daley
Self Confidence and Public Speaking Fear