• August 5, 2019
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It is not always easy to physically and mentally recharge during your holidays, especially if you leave with your kids and family who still need you 24/7.  But there are some simple tips you can follow.

1. STOP and BREATHE DEEPLY: every time you feel tired, stressed, “heavy”, what you have to do is to STOP for a minute, CLOSE your eyes (if you have people around you can even keep your eyes open), and take some DEEP BREATHS.

How to breathe deeply?

Inhale counting in your mind for a number that is right for you (4 or 5), hold the breathe for the number you chose, and then slowly and gently exhale through your mouth still counting in your mind for the same number.

For example you inhale for 4 seconds, hold the breathe for 4 and exhale still counting until 4.

This will immediately helps you to let go of any tension and worry, center yourself and empty your mind for a while.

2. Repeat some POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS: some short and motivating sentences.

Some studies have proven that what we think generates in ourselves some specific emotions that bring us to behave in a certain way. Therefore if you start to repeat to yourself something positive, automatically day by day you are going to absorb these words within you.

For example: “I am grateful for what I have in my life” or “I am positive, serene and healthy”.

It is important not to use negative expression in your sentence and use the present tense. So we are able to send the right message to our mind 🙂

This simple exercise really takes few minutes during your day, and can be done even if you are busy playing with your kids, driving, cooking etc. But it can give you the right strength to remain positive and  transform your thoughts.

3. Listen to a GUIDED RELAXATION: even a short one (10-15mins).

This is the best way to recharge yourself mentally and physically. Because while you listen to the relaxation your body has the chance to rebalance, recharge, and rest, as well as your mind.

I know that you are probably saying “yes but when?”. Well, you can do it when your kids sleep, before starting your day, before going to sleep at night… If you want, you know you can find a little moment just for YOU! 🙂

If you want to listen to a relaxation which can really help you to let go of anxiety, stress and recharge yourself, feel free to ask for my FREE RELAXATION by sending your data here.

I will send it back to you by email for FREE 🙂

You just have to download on your mobile the WeTransfer free app and once you receive the email with the link, you click on it directly from your mobile and it will be automatically saved on it. Cool right?

These are just few tips that can help you during your holidays but even every day to remain productive, positive and serene. If you feel you need to work on yourself on something more specific, then check my hypnotherapy sessions here.

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