• January 28, 2021
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Fear is a natural, powerful, and primitive human emotion that causes physiological and often even behavioral changes. Everyone experienced this emotion with different intensity at least once in their lives.

But did you know that most of the FEARS you still feel today started when you were a CHILD? How is it possible?

When we are kids, we MAGNIFY and INTERPRET what happens to us with the tools we had available then. Any emotion or memory is stored in our mind, and we automatically learn to respond to a specific event as we held that information and interpretation in our mind.

Our mind is divided into 2 parts: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is also known as the rational mind, which we use every day to analyse, resolve problems, judge, etc. Instead, the subconscious mind is where you store all the information you have been learning since you were born until now: memories, emotions, habits.

Therefore your fears or phobias, and any other kind of emotion (happiness, joy, sadness, guilt…) are “saved in your personalised laptop”, your mind. These little “files” remain within you until you transform them and let them go.

However, suppose you have never had the chance to work within yourself and transform those emotions. In that case, you might find yourself, even 20 years later, feeling the same PANIC and TERROR of when you were 5 years old.


Working within yourself 🙂 Nowadays, there are so many different techniques and approaches that you may be spoiled for choice. However, to overcome and transform your emotions QUICKLY, you need to work on different levels: emotional, mental, and physical.

Carlotta Bernardo is a graduated psychologist and fully-qualified hypnotherapist. She created her own method to help you improve your life QUICKLY, EASILY, and SAFELY. You are going to work deeply within yourself via some collaborative guided relaxation techniques. Sessions are held in Italian and English, and you can choose to do it in person or online.

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