• March 28, 2019
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The best gift for a woman is to become a mum. But like every new experience you might feel excited as well as worried, not knowing exactly what to expect, what giving birth will be like, if you will be able to do that…and many more questions!

That’s absolutely normal.  :) Everyone can have doubts, fears and worries . But wouldn’t it be nice to let go of all your insecurities, fears, negative thoughts BEFORE you give birth?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be READY for the big day by training your mind and body to experience that day in the most positive way?

OF COURSE! You will do it in just 4 SESSIONS????

My method is fast and effective, and has already changed and improved so many people’s lives!!! 

I know that starting a new “approach” is not always “easy” as you might ask yourself if the method “really” works and is worth the money and the time you will spend but I can guarantee that you will not regret your choice :)

So start your hypnobirthing path today with me. I will help you step by step to feel excited, relaxed and ready for the most special day in your life! And we’ll work not only on visualising the childbirth in the most positive and special way for you but I will also help you to let go of any fears, negative emotions and worries you might have. This means that you will work inside you at 360 degrees, and you will discover a NEW YOU…a new woman!

You can BOOK your introductory session just clicking here.

During your first one to one session I will discuss my method, explain you what hypnosis is and the benefits, we will set your goals and I will also guide you to an introductory relaxation. In this way the next time you will know what to “expect”, you will be ready and able to go even deeper inside you and continue the REAL transformation within you :)

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