Carlotta Bernardo


Msc Psy, DipHyp, SQHP, BCH NGH



Carlotta Bernardo

Carlotta Bernardo is a cheerful and positive person who believes in people’s inner power and loves working on herself in order to improve the quality of her life. She professionally and lovingly dedicates herself to people who choose to improve their every day life with the aim to help them to observe their life form another point of view.

Since she was a child, she devoted herself to meditation and yoga, and from the age of 14 she began to travel around Italy with her mother to attend seminars on self-improvement and managing emotions.

During these experiences, Carlotta met several internationally renowned trainers including T.H. Eker, R. Bandler and others. Carlotta explored the world of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and learned different techniques on how to manage and easily overcome life difficulties as a way to improve yourself.

Carlotta Bernardo graduated with a BSc in Child Psychology at the Carlo Bo University of Urbino, Italy in 2011.

After graduating, she moved to Vancouver (Canada), where she had the opportunity to attend self-improvement seminars organised by the internationally renowned trainers Harry Nichols and Katherine Welter-Nichols. Thanks to their friendship, Carlotta shared with them life-changing experiences.

Fascinated by learning additional techniques to help others, Carlotta moved to London (United Kingdom) in 2012, and obtained a Counselling Certificate and a MSc in Mental Health and Psychological Therapies at the renowned Queen Mary University. During those years, she continued to attend different seminars on self-improvement organised by Dr. Joe Dispenza, and at the same time she worked at Newham Centre for Mental Health: here she used different approaches as Dance Movement Psychotherapy or Drama Therapy to help several patients to overcome their difficulties and improve their current mental condition.
Carlotta with Harry Nichols
and Katherine Welter-Nichols
in Vancouver (Canada)

Working in a Mental Health environment Carlotta became fascinated by the different approaches and techniques that can help people to cope differently with their difficult life moments.

She realised that the key to overcome easily life challenges is to focus on people’s inner potential by accessing the power of their unconscious mind.  For this reason she became a fully qualified Hypnotherapist and begun to help a number of clients with hypnotherapy and achieved excellent results in London (UK) and now in Malta.

Her hypnosis sessions lead people to reach excellent performances in their lives, just after few sessions.

Carlotta is a member of:

  • The General Hypnotherapy Register
  • The National Guild of Hypnotists (USA)
  • The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
  • The Control System Academy
  • Carlotta is a Smoking Cessation specialist registered with the CRSST (Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists).