There are many prejudices and myths that nowadays affect the understanding of hypnosis.

The word ‘hypnosis’ may convey different images: a pendulum swinging in front of your eyes, someone behaving abnormally as if hypnotised, someone who is sleeping deeply and is unconscious of what is happening around them…

Such images and ideas that you may see in some movies or TV programmes can produce an almost irrational fear that precludes countless benefits. Due to these misleading messages received year after year of incorrect conditioning, people are afraid they will lose control of their own will once they are hypnotised.

But what is REALLY hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not a state of deep sleep where you are totally unconscious. On the contrary, hypnosis is a natural state of highly-focused attention and awareness: you have an active role during the relaxation, and you can hear everything that is happening around you while you are in a deep mindful relaxation and connected to the therapist’s voice.

Hypnotherapy is a mix of different techniques such as visualisations, guided relaxations, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and other specific hypnosis techniques which will help you overcome several issues, especially emotional ones.

Some people have totally unrealistic expectations on hypnosis, as they believe that once hypnotised, the whole situation will be resolved with just one hour’s sleep and they will be completely free from symptoms and with no memory about what happened – like a magic wand.

The truth is that hypnosis requires your active participation: even though your eyes are closed and you may seem sleeping, you are actually much more vigilant than when you are awake.

Hypnosis is addressed to those who want to improve the quality of their life, explore their abilities, use their own resources at best and express themselves more satisfactorily and appropriately.

Why is hypnosis different from other therapies?

Hypnosis is different from other common therapies because not only you talk to the therapist about your current situation (as in a psychotherapy session) but you even work within yourself in a physical, emotional and mental level: through these powerful guided relaxations you manage to access your deepest self, also known as the ‘subconscious mind’, and use your inner power and potential to overcome your issue.

How?  It is simple: when you reach a deep level of relaxation, stray thoughts and mental chatter are reduced and you are therefore able to feel and connect with your deepest area, your real and true nature. And when you are connected to that part of yourself, you have full access to your subconscious mind. Once there, thanks to Carlotta’s guidance and some specific techniques she will use, you are going to transform your harmful emotions, mechanisms and/or behaviours coming from your past, and feel much more relieved and serene.

Change Easily is a winning method that Carlotta Bernardo developed after years of experience. It helps you gradually neutralising negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours that you might have stored within from a young age. Consequently a new joy, a new will to live, a new vision of life emerges in you. During the sessions with Carlotta, you will discover or rediscover a new “power” that comes from your deepest self, and create a new attitude. That new attitude will make you have an active role in your life, a new lifestyle and a different way of thinking.

Thanks to a first introductory session you are going to:

  • understand more in detail about Carlotta’s method, Change Easily, and why is so powerful and effective even after few sessions
  • talk about your background, as well as your current situation
  • have all the time you need to ask questions and talk about your goals
  • experience a short guided relaxation to understand how hypnotherapy works and start working within