• December 5, 2018
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Is hypnosis dangerous? Am I conscious during a hypnosis relaxation? Can I get stuck?

These are just a few questions people may ask when they have never tried hypnosis before and have developed false ideas about it! Yes, because year by year movies and television programmes have unfortunately been producing false ideas and beliefs in people’s minds about this innovative tool, as well as irrational fears that preclude them from trying and having countless benefits in no time.

All the time I say that I am a qualified hypnotherapist people  immediately say to me “hey, don’t look into my eyes…” or “can you control my mind?”

The truth is that hypnosis has nothing to do with it: I can’t control anyone’s mind nor hypnotise straight away just by looking into someone’s eyes! I can’t force you to experience hypnosis if you don’t want to.

What I do during my sessions is to simply guide you into a deep state of relaxation, where you focus your attention on the sound of my voice and words. And even though you are so relaxed, you are always totally conscious and you actually collaborate with me during all the guided relaxation. In fact I often ask people to either nod, move a finger or say something to be sure they are actively following my words and instructions.   Hypnosis is really similar to a guided meditation for some aspects, with the difference that during hypnosis I use some specific techniques that allow you to let go your past, negative emotions or habits and visualise the future you want to live. There is nothing to be worried about! :)

So why should you choose hypnosis instead of other common therapies?

Because not only you talk to me about your current situation but you also work within yourself and with your subconscious mind through these deep mindful relaxations and change the perception of negative events easily by focussing on your inner strength in just few sessions.


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