Change Easily

Are you tired of seeing your life flashing before your eyes and not being able to grasp it? Do you finally want to overcome your limits and get back into the game? Do you want to believe more in yourself and in your capabilities? Do you want to radically change your life and rejoice in what you have?

Thanks to hypnosis this is now possible: Carlotta Bernardo created a winning method, “Change Easily” which will help you to revolutionise your life :)

I know that starting something new is the most difficult part, but by reading this right now you are already making a small step towards change, towards something new … you are already on the way to becoming happier, fulfilled, healthy, confident and reaching your own well-being.

You often delay change. You might delay change again and again, perhaps for your entire life! But if you start your hypnotherapy sessions today and stop delaying the beginning of a new life, everything will be easier to face.

Carlotta Bernardo’s method will help you to observe your life from another point of view and to gradually change what prevents you from living your life at 100% in just few sessions. Carlotta’s method combines hypnotherapy, NLP, breathing techniques and psychotherapy. You will learn different techniques to fully live your life.  

Hypnosis is an easy and rapid tool, and therefore the number of sessions, as well as the financial commitment are reduced.

A study by Alfred A. Barrios shows the following statistics:

Psychoanalysis: 38% success rate after 600 sessions.

Behavioural therapy: 72% success rate after 22 sessions.

Hypnotherapy: 93% success rate after 6 sessions


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Every person is a world unto itself, each one is different and reacts differently, and therefore no situation is the same.


Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation.


Once you have experienced the power of hypnotherapy, you might become interested about how to help daily yourself practicing at home self-hypnosis.

“Carlotta is a very nice therapist to work with 🙂 She immediately made me feel at ease. Within a few sessions only, she helped me overcoming an obstacle I was struggling with for months.

Camille Oswald
Inner power and Confidence

“Professionista di altissimo livello.”

Sabatino Candeloro
Anger Management and Inner Power

“I visited Carlotta to stop smoking, during our few sessions, she was very supportive, warm, and professional. I can definitely say that her techniques work, for too many years I tried different techniques, and definitely were my sessions with Carlotta which works. I can say after too many years as a smoker person that I’m a not smoker. In Addition, we run some sessions to increase self-motivation, which I highly recommend it! I believe she has a great approach and a very positive attitude.”

Andrea Cifuentes Quintanilla
Stop Smoking and Motivation

“Every session is a new experience with Carlotta. I’m really grateful for the advice, for the very useful tools and practices that I can use in every situations. We’ve done a great job together in the last months, I became a stronger and more confident person. She is a very professional lovely woman, I recommend her sessions to everyone. Thank you so much for everything Carlotta. ❤️

Szabina Kovács
Anxiety and Self Esteem

“Carlotta has helped me so much. The tools she gives you are so useful to use in everyday life. Thanks to her I finally feel better.”

Gabriella Abela
Weight Lost and Motivation